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The Garden Design Process

Your garden should make your heart sing – get the design right and it will have the power to do just that!

A good structure will help to give interest even in winter. Good use of space is important. Appropriate paving, edging, perhaps a water feature and beautiful, interesting plants and the process of creating a garden just for you has begun!


+ Initial Visit

We’ll arrange to meet at your home and explore the possibilities of what we could achieve in the garden. We’ll discuss concepts and general ideas of how you would like to use the garden and the areas which are not working for you.

This visit will be free of charge, although if it is further than 25 miles from my base in Ottery St Mary, mileage will be charged at 40 p per mile.


+ Survey

Accurate measurements are vital… and depending on the complexity of your requirements, I may need to use the services of a professional surveyor which will be quoted independently.

However, if you only need a re-vamped planting ..a survey can be done more simply and economically.

+ Design Brief

The most important part. We will take a step-by-step approach to the design, spending time discussing what you are looking for in your garden, how you will use it and how it can be made to enhance your lives.

+ Concept Plan

I will translate the design ideas we’ve set out in the brief, into pencil drawings and talk it through with you. New suggestions, alterations, additions are welcome at this stage.

+ Outline Plan

An annotated, scale plan with colour shading, is presented showing detailed hard landscape features, eg paving, steps, pergolas, water features, lighting and areas to be planted.

+ Planting Plan

This is a working drawing that plots the plant selection and placement of each plant, botanically named.

+ Building the Garden/Tender process

Construction details and Scope of works are prepared for the contractors… so that they totally understand what is required. I work with a range of landscapers and will meet them on site to answer their questions, enabling them to quote for the build fairly and accurately.

+ Looking After The New Garden

Monitoring the project – this ensures the smooth running of the project once the building process is underway. Regular meetings and written updates help keep everyone on track and informed, co-ordinating contractors and other trades to make sure that building work progresses to plan, minimising delays, resolving any unforeseen issues and controlling costs.

+ How much does Garden Design cost?

There are many variables here and this is difficult to quantify.

Garden Design is a time consuming process and takes many hours.  However, at the initial visit we will discuss your budget for the project.. and work within that. It may be that we design the overall garden and then do the work in stages…

Essentially, I charge by the hour: £40 for consultation and design work.

After completion how to take care of the garden month by month

Health checks to edit the garden over time to keep it fresh and rejuvenated

Preparation of reports and drawings for local authorities

Lighting schemes and liaison with lighting specialists

Furniture, pots and containers, summerhouses etc

close up of green buds and climbing tendrils

I’d love to talk to you about your garden project…

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